Monday, May 23, 2005

We'll Miss You, Lopez

Robert Edward Lopez, long time (28 years!) newsman for 98Rock in Baltimore died yesterday from a yearlong battle with lung cancer. He was the driving force behind every morning show (14 of them) since he began with 98Rock only 1 year into the station's existence. Most recently, he was one third of the morning show Kirk, Mark, and Lopez.

I admired him. He was a stout liberal who never strayed from his beliefs. I am a republican, but I had the biggest respect for him. I would make sure to have my radio on 97.9 FM every morning at the top of every hour from 5:30-10 just to hear Lopez do the news, and then at 9:30 to hear his entertainment report. It was the highlight of my day.

He left behind his wife Jean "Trixie" Lopez, his daughter Leandra, and an entire city of friends and fans. He will be sorely missed, and impossible to replace. I know I'll miss hearing him every morning. So I'll just sign off here with the sign off that I always loved to hear:

"From the battlements of the Hearst Broadcast Castle, I'm Lopez, on 98 Rock."

We'll miss you, Lopez.